Renovation Loans

Key Takeaways

  • Think creatively: don’t worry about what a listing ‘should’ look like
  • Identify the key advantage of renovating this house, then turn it into an attention-grabbing headline
  • Write an opening statement that gets to the point – a sentence or two should do it
  • Sell emotion with your copy – describe the ‘home’, not just the ‘house’
  • Accentuate the positives and focus on the potential
  • Create urgency with a closing call-to-action

How are renovation listings different?

Listings for homes with perfect foundations, new roofs, gorgeous gardens and all the modern amenities practically write themselves. So, how do you spin sweet poetry about a property that needs some TLC?

The first step is to ditch any preconceived notion you may have about what a property listing should look like. Lately, it seems like most listings are just a quick paragraph listing the property’s features. Yet, if your property is ripe for a renovation mortgage, describing features like, “Roof needs replaced, windows are drafty, paint chipped throughout, and hole in the bathroom floor,” won’t whet anybody’s appetite.

With an attention-grabbing headline and the right descriptive copy, your listing will attract the right audience and will clearly communicate why this property is worth the time and investment to renovate.

The headline

As your prospect scans listings, you have less than a second to grab their attention and pull them away from your competition. Therefore, you want a catchy headline that immediately hammers away at the advantages of renovating with an FHA 203K rather than buying new. Most of all, focus on the possibilities.

Searched high? Searched low? Maybe renovation is the way to go! Call me for cool ideas on this property.

Dream home with instant equity…I’m not kidding! Let me show you how.

Allow your mind to wander with an FHA 203K loan…the possibilities are endless!

Let 203K unlock the front door to your dream home. We have what you’re looking for!

Like this house? Make it one you’ll love with FHA 203K. Ask me how!

First-time buyer? Get instant equity on this house with FHA 203K!

An FHA 203K lets your vision become your life. Renovate this house!

Build your dreams – renovate a home. Ask me about an FHA 203K loan!

Don’t settle for ‘just ok’. Renovate this home to match your dreams! Call the FHA 203K expert!

Renovation loans work great for real estate investments and rental properties too!

Mr. Investor! Save your cash and renovate this house with OPM…Other People’s Money!

Investors, buy this home and finance the improvements. Save your money – and make more money!

Better property conditions = higher rents. Renovation loans help! Call me for info!

The opening statement

The first sentence of renovation listings should get right to the point. Let your reader know exactly what they’re looking at.

Located in a beautiful neighborhood near Mill Creek Park, this two-story Colonial has lots of potential for your dream kitchen…and plenty of enviable curb appeal!


Looking for a home with a view? Then you need to see Lake Milton from the back porch of this home. Loaded with classic character!

You don’t have to overload the first paragraph with every single positive point, but you should definitely include that one feature that hooks them. We have plenty of war-era homes in northeast Ohio with architecture that will charm the pants off a buyer, but the idea of too much extra work can turn off that same buyer.

Put that best foot forward so they don’t lose sight of the thing that makes this home unique.

The engaging narrative – selling emotion

Here’s where it gets tricky. If you’re selling this home to renovate, you probably don’t have all the bonus features like a new roof, energy efficient furnace, finished basement, etc. Your words need to let them know what to expect, but accentuate the positives and the potential.

Built in 1930, this home boasts a refined character throughout, with hardwood floors, original crown molding, and a Tuscany chandelier by the entrance. Flooring shows its age in areas, but can be easily replaced or reinforced.

Fresh paint will help the three bedrooms burst with the natural light from the windows. Great opportunity for a complete remodel of the upstairs bathroom, and the half bath downstairs can be expanded to a full bath. All rooms have updated wiring, but can be easily upgraded to modern infrastructure.

Remodel the kitchen to suit your modern appliances, but preserve the charming breakfast nook with a view of Lake Milton. Too good to live without!

As much as you’re painting a picture of what to expect, you must also inject the emotion of what it will be like living in the home once the renovations are complete. The description shouldn’t tell them exactly what they have to do, rather give them ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

The close and the call-to-action

Just when they’re about to ask, “Ok. So, how do I do all of this,” you drop the key to their dream home in their lap!

This property is a perfect candidate for the FHA 203K Renovation Loan! With the desirable location and easily preserved original woodwork, this property will NOT LAST LONG! Build the home of your dreams AND instant equity with one mortgage by calling 330-965-1808!

One final important note

Let’s be honest – you’re selling a renovation home, which means it’s far from opulent. Be honest, accentuate the positives, but don’t overstate what you’re working with dozens of superlatives and overly flowery language. Buyers will see through that and pass up your listing real quick.

Your job is to write clear, truthful, and optimistic copy about a property that could be a great home with a little time and TLC. Don’t oversell it, but do help your buyer create a vision in his mind’s eye of what life could be like when all is said and done.