real estate technology

These times are strange to say the least. With news changing by the day, agents have certainly had to adjust their day-to-day approach to accommodate both buyer’s and seller’s individual needs.

The question isn’t if you have changed…it’s how. 

Whether you have incorporated virtual tours, e-signing, or getting more involved on social media, for the most part these are new to most agents. And with many agents working in small teams or even by themselves, there’s not only a learning curve, but also a time issue.

We want to help address these new tactics and better serve those who may need an extra boost to implement new technologies.

We can’t all be experts at everything. That includes our team. We are mortgage specialists and pride ourselves on providing exemplary service as it pertains to the mortgage process and mortgage strategies.

We are not marketing professionals.

That’s why we rely on a local team to allow us to put all of our ideas and approach into an actionable strategy that they help implement. From remote interviews (like this one from last week), to website optimization and digital marketing.

We rely on them for their expertise, just as their team members rely on us for our mortgage expertise. The same is true for real estate agents. Buyers and sellers are relying on you for your expertise. That’s the way partnerships are formed and how we can all see growth together…Also, that’s why everyone should use an agent…

There should be no shame in asking for help. Even if you are proud of how you have adapted to this current environment, there is always, always room to improve and get better.

So what does that all mean? The point we’re trying to get across is that we want to help you get better right now. How? The most pressing one is through education of new technologies and marketing strategies.

To do that, we need your input. Simply, what is it right now that you need help on? Is it how to grow your social media presence? Or do you need a better understanding of how virtual home showings can be done and which technologies would be recommended?

Tell us the areas that you have identified as ones you could improve on, and we will focus future articles around just that – again, relying on the marketing professionals that we work with to help guide you. Simply check off the skills you’re interested in learning, and we will work with them to provide detailed, actionable content for you.