You’ve been looking at homes for months…cape cods, ranches, two stories, bi-levels, so many options. You’ve managed to find something in each house that you just haven’t liked, but you’re also quickly learning what things you do like. At this point, you almost wish you could just build your dream home yourself. There’s so much land for sale in your area. In fact, one of the plots even happens to be within walking distance of your favorite park. I know Sparky would enjoy that.

So you think to yourselves, “But is building a home really for us?” “It seems like a lot of work.” “Can we afford it?” “How do we feel about having two monthly payments? One for the land and the other for the house?” “It all just seems a little out of our league.”

But then you stumble upon the USDA New Construction Loan on the Amerifirst website and everything becomes a lot more simplistic. A one-time close loan with a down payment as low as 0% Convert to a 30-year traditional mortgage once the work is complete? Check and check.

“Ok we’re sold.” “But what’s the next step?” After you have a pre-approval strategy meeting and you have the land picked out, it’s time to work with a builder and start designing your dream home. With this loan, there is only one closing meeting, so you are able to close on the land and the construction in the same loan, at the same time. This eliminates worries of another loan qualification and eliminates concerns over a new appraisal or dual fees associated with a second loan.

Construction can begin as soon as the loan closes. You have 9 months to finish construction of your home, and then a lifetime to enjoy it! Sound too good to be true? Learn about building your family’s dream home today with the USDA New Construction Loan and Amerifirst Home Mortgage! Ask us how!

*Not intended as real estate, accounting or investment advice. Contact your financial representative for more information.