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We rely on our community banks to help finance life’s biggest moments. And while some banks and credit unions offer traditional mortgage loans, they don’t all offer government loans or renovation loans.

Not having these lending options limits a bank’s exposure to a market that’s increasingly seeing the value in renovating homes, leading your customers to stray to the competition. At Amerifirst, we work closely with local banks and credit unions to provide a seamless lending program that allows you to provide the specialty lending options that your customers need.

Through third party origination, or TPO, the bank originates the loan, but Amerifirst handles all of the underwriting, approval, processing, compliance and servicing of the loan. We focus on the renovation mortgage lending so you can maintain a strong, working relationships with your customers.

Amerifirst offers several third party originated loans, including:

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We Work Closely With You

Banks and credit unions are the financial cornerstones of our community, which is why we strive to maintain excellent working relationships with all of our local lending institutions. Amerifirst has an excellent record of working with banks and credit unions to offer a variety of lending services to pre-approved borrowers.

Through TPO, Amerifirst will:

  • Create an exceptional mortgage experience for the loans you don’t offer
  • Maintain the bank/credit union as the customer’s main point of contact
  • Conduct business in compliance with HUD and RESPA rules and regulations
  • Help you offer your customers low down payment purchase options and home rehabilitation options
  • Increase the pool of eligible buyers from your current customers, and help you land new customers who want to work with a local lender

Don’t lose your customers to your competitors! Let us help you provide the services you need to keep your business competitive. Contact us today to begin a relationship with Amerifirst.