If you’re new in your career as a real estate agent, you may have gotten the impression that the cold weather months are the “slow season” for most agents. That might sound great, especially after a hectic spring and summer when long days are the norm. 

But the experienced real estate agents we work with would be quick to tell you that if you take too much time to relax during the non-peak home buying season, you’ll miss out on a significant opportunity to set yourself up for success when the market heats up again.  

The “off-season” is a time when you can get ahead of your competition by sharpening your skills and prepping for a fast start in the spring. 

That doesn’t mean you don’t need some downtime. After months of going full speed to help your clients accomplish their objectives, you deserve a short break. Go ahead and take the holidays to recharge, refresh and review your performance.  

But soon after, we recommend you use the slower time to engage in activities like those below to improve your skills, expand your potential client base, and ultimately make yourself a more successful agent.  

Prospect 24/7/365 

You can never have too many prospects. Never. Everyone you know is a potential client. They all need a place to live, and finding people homes is your specialty.  

Holiday parties and family functions are great places to ensure people know that you help clients buy and sell homes. You don’t have to pester anyone. Give them your card and ask them to follow you on social media. When they’re ready for your services, they’ll reach out.  

Also, make sure to ask them to refer you to their friends and family who might need a real estate agent. When they do, send them a thank-you note and maybe a little gift to show appreciation. 

Live on social media 

How does anyone know you’re good at your job unless you tell them? One way to share your success is on your social media platforms. It’s not bragging if it’s true.  

During the super-busy home buying and selling season, you may not have had time to post photos of successful sales or thank your clients publicly for trusting you. You can use the slower months to catch up on these posts and remind your followers that ANY time of year is a good time to buy or sell a home. 

You can also use the forum to post news articles, blogs, and other resources to help educate your followers on the homebuying process, mortgage loan guidelines, and additional information that might help them be more confident when it’s time to buy a home. 

Talk to a seasoned colleague 

If you’re still relatively new in your real estate career, you have a lot to learn. In addition to researching and attending workshops or seminars, we recommend you reach out to a colleague who is willing to mentor you.

You can only learn so much from a book. Your experienced colleagues have valuable experience and expertise from being on the front lines of the industry. Take them to lunch and pick their brain. Ask about the keys to their success, their approaches and strategies, and get advice on how they think you can improve as an agent. 

Realtor resources 

During the winter months, putting in the time to improve your sales skills and plan for the next busy season will set you up for success. While the competition gets lazy, you’ll be getting a leg up for when it counts the most. 

To learn more about learning opportunities or to access real estate agent resources like our Loan Process Guide, click here. 


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