what to leave for new home owners

The requests and repairs have all been completed. There’s been a professional cleaner to beautify the property. The lawn and outdoor landscaping are manicured. What’s left for the sellers to do?

“What do we leave behind for the new homeowners?”

It’s a matter that’s typically never considered until you are packing and loading boxes onto the truck on moving day. A question that’s imperative to completing the home selling process; unfortunately, is never discussed in full – especially for first-time sellers.

The home buying – and moving – process is stressful enough. There’s no need to add unwanted hassle and pain with keeping the instruction manual to the water heater from the newbie homeowners. That’s why when it comes to belongings and home items, it’s important to tackle the chore immediately following an approved offer. What does a home seller take with them on their move? What do they leave behind for the new owners? All very important questions that need to be answered.

Here are things you should consider leaving behind for new homeowners:

Keys to the House

You think this would be a given, but you may be surprised to learn how many home sellers forget to leave behind the keys to the kingdom. Surely, the new owners will eventually have the home rekeyed and locks changed, but in the short term, it’s a good idea to have a set of keys made available – plus, they’ll need a way to enter inside.

Outside of the obvious front door key, ensuring that closet keys, sunroom door keys, or any keys to other part of the home that can be locked are readily available will save the new homeowners a ton of time and hassle.

Appliance Warranties and User Manuals

You may not be willing to haul kitchen appliances – refrigerator, microwave, stove, and dishwasher — off to your next move. Or maybe those were built into the contract. And so, if it’s a part of the sale, you’ll want to make sure you have all of the user manuals and warranties in order and easily accessible for the new owners. We recommend organizing all manuals and warranties in a folder with information about maintenance and recent repairs.

Light Fixtures and Window Screens

Buyers expect items affixed with the home, including window screens, blinds, curtains and light fixtures. If you can’t part ways with any of these items, it’s important to communicate this with your agent, and have them replace any missing fixtures with new ones.

Leftover Paint

Are there extra paint cans leftover from last spring’s renovation? If the paint colors match up with the home’s interior or exterior walls, it’s encouraged to leave those paints behind – the new residents will appreciate knowing the exact colors, especially if they want to purchase more paint to touch up the walls. Conversely, be sure that any very old paint that can be a potential hazard is disposed of properly.

Water Supplies

Does the house include a pool or hot tub? We recommend leaving any pool supplies and accessories for the new homeowners. This includes instruction manuals and directions of how to operate the pool or hot tub. If you have lost or misplaced instructional information, at the very least, you can provide the new owners with a recommended pool maintenance service professional who can assist.

When it’s time to start packing, there are some items best meant to stay behind.

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