Many different careers are portrayed by movie and TV characters – detectives, firefighters, doctors and nurses, lawyers, salesman, architects, engineers, and many others. While lead characters on the screen might not be real estate agents quite as many times as other careers, there are some out there.

And, they learn lots of lessons on the job, just like you do every day. While these lessons and experiences might be fictional on the screen, you might be able to relate to a few on some level. Here are clips from a few movies or TV shows that feature real estate agents. Can you relate to any of the situations?

Modern Family

There are many important things to remember in preparation for an Open House. You’ll want the current owners to make sure the house is clean and looks its best. You should promote the open house via social media, signage, email newsletters, or even phone calls. You might want to have refreshments at the event. But maybe most importantly, bring extra Tic Tacs. No, not for your breath (well, maybe), but just in case you find yourself in an unexpected scenario as Phil did in this scene from Modern Family. You never know how long it will take for that family to come home to let you out of the broom closet you got yourself stuck inside.

Watch the clip here

The Breakup

As someone who often works with all types of families looking to buy or sell their homes, you’ve probably overheard some personal conversations or been in awkward situations. Maybe one person doesn’t want to sell, but the other does. Maybe one wants to live there and throw the other out. Maybe they disagree on the price they’ll accept or what furniture to include in the sale. It’s no fun being in the middle of these situations, but because you’re a professional, you’ll stay the course (and hope it sells quickly!). Have you found yourself in a situation like this Realtor® in the movie The Breakup?

Watch the clip here (Note: some swearing)

Money Pit

Not every house you’re trying to sell is perfect. OK, none of them are perfect. Even the gorgeous-looking 5-bedroom, 3.5 bath home with an in-ground pool and tennis court in the most well-to-do neighborhood is without flaw. Of course, your job is to sell homes (not remodel them) by pointing out all the best things about the property. You’re not going to highlight all the little things that could make a prospective buyer think twice. However, to build trust with your clients, it’s a good idea to be open and honest about your listings and not deliberately conceal major issues with a home. Selling a “lemon” could land you without future leads or a job. The agent who sold the house in this scene from Money Pit obviously didn’t disclose anything to the buyers.

Watch the clip here

American Beauty

Working as a real estate agent isn’t for everyone. It can be challenging and stressful, require long hours (often evenings and weekends), and takes someone who can take rejection well. If you’re lucky enough to work for a boss who’s encouraging and supportive, that helps. And being part of a team of co-workers that works for the greater good is a plus, too. But sometimes, you have to be the President of our own fan club and give yourself a little pep talk (like in this scene from American Beauty) to stay motivated.

Watch the clip here

Being a successful agent is tough – both on and off the screen. The good news is that when you’re on the job, there’s no camera crew following you around to record your every move for millions to watch!

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