Linda’s Story

Linda Thornton had rented the same apartment for more than 20 years. A new owner purchased the complex, and she thought her rent might increase soon. She had dreamed of owning her own home someday but had never pursued the idea. Linda decided now was the time.

After looking at homes in Boardman, Canfield, and the West Side of Youngstown, her real estate agent helped Linda find a lovely home on the West Side. The agent then introduced her to Amerifirst Poland to help finance her new house.

Loan Challenges

Linda thought the idea of her owning a home was “hopeless.” She had worked the same job for 33 years and rented the same apartment for 20 years. Change didn’t seem like a reasonable option.

She said the thought of buying her first home at this later stage of life made her pretty nervous. There were also some challenges that needed to be overcome:

  • She needed a mortgage loan with a low-down payment.
  • Linda needed a loan with a monthly payment that wasn’t more than she had been paying in rent.
  • She had to move quickly to avoid any possible rent increase for her apartment.
  • As a first-time homebuyer, she knew next to nothing about the mortgage process and needed a lender willing to explain the process while keeping her best interests in mind.

Our Solution

After getting to know Linda and listening to her needs and goals, Bob Gratz examined all the potential mortgage loan options.

He made sure Linda was comfortable during the process and even met with her and her longtime boss to go over the application and all the paperwork. It was important to Bob that Linda felt at ease and enjoyed her first home buying experience.

“Linda was a pleasure to work with,” explained Bob. “She had a small price range and needed flexible terms, so the FHA loan was a perfect fit for her. She was so appreciative of our help, and we were honored to help her finally get a home of her own.”

The Results

  • Linda is proud to say she’s now a homeowner! In her words, “It feels great to have a place I can call home. I wanted something that I could walk into at the end of the day and know it was mine. Anyone in a situation like I was in should go to Amerifirst because if they helped me, I know they can help them, too.”
  • Linda qualified for an FHA loan that offered flexible terms and a low-down payment.
  • Her new mortgage payment is $200 LESS a month than she was paying in rent.
  • Linda’s loan closed on time, which helped her avoid a rent increase at her apartment.
  • She got the nice, single-floor home she wanted on the West Side of Youngstown.

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