On sunny days it’s not hard to notice that people are generally in a better mood. Not only does sunshine make us happier, but there are also plenty of associated health benefits that go along with it; such as increasing bone strength, boost immunity, lower blood pressure, and even fight obesity.  This is mainly thanks to the uptake of vitamin D that naturally occurs while in the sun.

Unfortunately the days have been getting shorter and that’s not going to stop until the end of December. So if you’re thinking about a vacation home to get some sun, definitely consider one of these cities that get the most annual sunshine!

Yuma, Arizona: 90% annual sunshine

Sunniest place in the US and the Earth.  Yuma has a population of around 100,000 people, but during the winter months the population almost doubles! This makes sense intuitively, people just want to escape cold temperatures and snow!

Redding, California: 88% annual sunshine

The population is slightly over 100,000, and is one of the world record holders for the highest average daily temperature above the 40th degree latitude. With places like LA and San Diego being so well known for their sunshine, it might surprise you that they only get 73% and 68% annual sunshine, respectively.

Las Vegas, Nevada: 85%

The well-known entertainment capital of the world has a population of around 2 million people and receives just 4.5 inches of rainfall annually. Las Vegas is also known as Sin City due to the huge gambling resorts, clubs, and uninhibited mentality.

Phoenix, Arizona: 85%

This is the biggest city on the list with 1.5 million residents and 4.5 million individuals in the greater Phoenix area. Average annual rainfall in Phoenix is 8.3 inches.

Tucson, Arizona: 85%

More than 100 miles south of Phoenix, Tucson averages 11.8 inches of rainfall per year. Approximately 550,000 people live in the city and 1,000,000 people live in the greater Tucson area.


El Paso, Texas: 84%

Reno, Nevada: 79%

Fresno, California: 79%

Flagstaff, Arizona: 78%

Sacramento, California78%

Key West, Florida: 76%

Pueblo, Colorado: 76%

Albuquerque, New Mexico:  76%

Roswell, New Mexico: 74%

North Little Rock, Arkansas74%

Boardman, Ohio (our office location) makes a different list. It ranks 22nd on a list of 101 cities with the LOWEST amount of sunshine! Who’s ready to move?!?