reds renovations

Red’s career began in the hospitality industry in 2015 after one of his professors at Tale University recognized his knack for networking and sitting on command. Hired on as our Client Relations Manager in 2019, Red is responsible for greeting guests at the door and howling to that song that’s continuously playing in his head. He also has many duties that take him out of the office.

Surprisingly, Red’s minor in school was structural engineering with a focus on residential home construction. With this background, Red has been appointed as our office’s field manager for all on-site renovation and new construction loan projects.

What does that entail? (Get it… enTAIL?! Sorry 😊.) Red has been tasked to oversee and document projects that our borrowers are undergoing – like our renovation loans. These allow people to not only purchase the home that they want, but also have desired repairs or renovations undertaken after acquisition as well. So… stay tuned for those before and after photos of kitchen reno’s, bath projects, or even home-additions. Red will be there looking out for our clients as well as documenting the work with photos and videos of the progress. Keep an eye out for notifications when Red is going live on Facebook!

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