In Part 1 of this blog series, we established that using videos to showcase the homes you’re selling, and your personal brand, shouldn’t just be an afterthought these days – it’s a must. Part 2 of this series will look into the types of videos you should consider producing to attract buyers’ attention by educating, informing, and entertaining them.

Real estate is a people business, so it’s important to make connections with potential clients, even before meeting them in person. If you can establish trust and make home buying and selling as easy as possible, you will rise to the top of the list when they choose an agent.

So, what types of video content are effective, inexpensive to produce, and interesting enough to attract attention? Here are a few:

Virtual Open Houses

Life is busy. It’s difficult for house hunters to make time to attend open houses, private tours, or meetings with Realtors®. You can save clients time by recording walk-through videos or photo slideshows of your listings. You can post these videos on your page of the company website and your Facebook and Twitter pages. In particular, consider trying Facebook Live, which sends a push notification announcing that you have gone live to all of your followers. Instagram stories are also a great place for these videos.

These videos don’t need to be too fancy or shot using expensive equipment. You can shoot footage using your smartphone and use basic editing software to edit out anything you don’t want to include. As you shoot the video, you can narrate as you describe the highlights of each room. Nothing too long or involved, but enough to give prospective buyers enough of a glimpse of the property for them to decide whether they’d like to see it in person.

Agent Bio Videos

People like to work with professionals they trust and feel like they know. One way to establish this connection is to make a video where clients can get to know you. It’s a chance to make a good first impression by talking about your personal and professional background, explain your role in the buying/selling process, why you decided on a career in real estate and why they would benefit from your services.

Chances are you already have your professional bio on your agency’s “Our Team” page or your social media platforms. You might even have a nice business photo alongside that text. But a nice, sincere bio video is a more personable and engaging way to introduce yourself.

Community Tour Videos

When you’re selling a house, you’re not just selling the structure and the land it’s on; you’re selling a community. While obviously, the house itself is the biggest reason families buy, there are other factors, like the school district, proximity to family or friends, how safe the community is, and more. People are attracted to what a community has to offer – schools, recreation, location, access to shopping, restaurants, and things to do.

Since not all potential buyers know the area, you can give them the inside scoop by making a community tour video to highlight the best spots in the area. Show them where they can eat, shop, take walks, work out, get their vehicle serviced, or grocery shop. If you’re not exactly sure what to highlight, contact the local Chamber of Commerce to get information you can highlight in a video. In addition to giving buyers a quick tour of the town, consider asking local business owners to speak on camera about why they chose to live and work in that town. Also, when publishing the video on your social platforms, be sure to tag the local businesses/owners to help extend the reach and exposure of the video.

Buying and Selling Basics

Buying or selling a home for the first time is stressful and intimidating for your clients. They don’t know exactly what to expect, who to talk to, or necessarily how the process works. That’s why your clients are expecting you to be their expert.

Making a series of educational videos about the process will help establish you as a thought leader and expert – someone potential clients will welcome.
Possible topics for these educational videos include how to find an agent, how to prepare your home for an open house, how to make an offer, how to apply for a mortgage loan, or questions to ask the home inspector. Just think about all the different types of questions your past clients have asked you, and chances are, those would make for great video topics.

Above all else, ensure that you are genuine with your approach to video. Remember, this is a people business. We’re not just robots going about our days. Don’t be afraid to show some personality and showcase the real you. The above topics can help get you started, but mix in some fun as well. Did you get a new ugly Christmas sweater recently? Pull out your phone and snap a video of it! Invite your followers to share their ugly sweater videos.

This is how you build relationships, and this will resonate far more effectively with your audience, lead to more engaged viewers, and ultimately get your phone ringing a lot more.

Our team knows all about video. Check out some of our favorites here!

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