New season means new home style trends. Since I got you thinking about home improvements in my last post, I wanted to give you some fall trends to help you with your renovations. If you are renovating, you are going to probably be picking colors for walls, cabinets, bookcases, floors, entryways and more. Below are the popular fall colors and ways to mix them together.

Bronze. Mix this with shades of gold and white for an elegant look.

Copper. Mix shades of copper with warm reds, Indian textiles and gold hues for a cultural vibe.

Neutral color palette. Use this as a canvas and add bold oranges, copper and wine accents.

Dark browns. Add animal print accent pieces and beige walls or furniture to neutralize the intensity.

Oranges. Any shade of orange is hot for the fall. No matter what shade you pick, you can match it with a complimentary shade of red and brown.

Wine. This color is popping up all over the place for fall. Pair it with shades of green for balance and dark wood for a dramatic look.

Brown and Red. Mixing light and dark browns and bright and deep reds all in one room gives off a warm feeling.

Rust. Pair this with gold, brown and tan for vintage look.

Paisley. Mix orange paisley with pumpkin, asparagus and white. Try blue paisley with lipstick red and brass tones.

Endive (as in the lettuce). This shade acts as a neutralizer for yellow, peach and burgundy blends.

Golden glow (a deep saturated yellow). Pair this with bright blue and grey to capture the feel of fall leaves.

Living coral. Mix it with white, gold and dark wood for an elegant, colorful look.

Lagoon. It is the new turquoise. Pair it with bright oranges and green.

Woodbine (the color of fall grass). This shade looks good with charcoal.

Oyster grey. It gives you an airy quality and pairs well with deep reds, bright yellow and aqua.

Rosedust. Paint a wall this shade and accent with tan, brown and white.

fall tips from HGTV