Have you been trying to sell your house lately but not having much luck? Maybe it’s not your house that is the problem, maybe it is your stuff that is turning buyers away. The way you keep your house on a day-to-day basis works for YOU but not necessarily for anyone else. If you want your house to appeal to the widest audience, hide your things.

Pets’ stuff

When your home is for sale, nobody needs to know that a pet lives there. Potential buyers who are allergic to dogs or cats will be turned off immediately, and the mere presence of a pet will send some buyers right out the front door.

Toys and baby supplies

Having toys everywhere just looks messy and the clutter makes rooms seem smaller. Leaving breast milk, a breast pump or dirty baby bottles on the kitchen counter could make a buyer feel that the home isn’t clean or sanitary.

Cluttered counters and dirty dishes

If the counters are crowded with the blender, coffee maker, toaster oven and other items, it will appear that there is little counter space, or worse, that your kitchen lacks cabinet space. And last night’s dinner caked onto plates sitting in the sink is sure to turn buyers off. Clear the countertops and put away the dishes before leaving home for a showing.

Personal items and toiletries

People don’t want to think of your home as being used. Clean the toothpaste off the sink and put away your prescriptions, open body lotion containers, toothbrushes and dirty towels. Buyers want to feel clean in the bathroom, and although it’s clear that they won’t be the first to use this bathroom, they don’t need to be reminded that they will be taking over a “used” bathroom.

Toilet and Toilet seat

Nothing puts someone off more than a dirty toilet. Put the lid down and keep it clean!

tips provided by MSNBC