Believe it or not, even after both parties sign the purchase agreement, it’s still not 100% final. Negotiations may continue for several reasons. Issues may arise during a home inspection that could change the original offer. If the seller asks for an expedited closing, you may be able to amend your offer, moving quicker to the finish line. Closing timelines and possession of the property are points of interest and impact negotiations. And let’s not forget, the appraisal results can also alter the original offer. The property’s value and/or condition affect financing options, and having several options for financing like renovation lending is helpful in these circumstances since property condition is not an issue with renovation loans. The more options you can consider when buying a home, the more likely you are to have your offer remain valid all the way through closing. Get educated. We can teach. Ask us how.

*From helping you understand our renovation loans to answering your questions, we can explain the program and how it can fit your needs. Normal restrictions and guidelines apply. Not all borrowers will qualify.