Location is probably the most important feature to consider. And yet, location is just one of many very important factors. What is the condition of the home? Carrying costs, known as maintenance and utilities, can cause undue financial hardship. Have you ever heard of a money pit? Newly renovated homes cost less. Learn about the acronym ‘OPM.’ Other People’s Money. If location is rule number one in real estate, rule number two is OPM. Borrow responsibly and avoid the burden of being nickel and dimed to death due to maintenance. You should also consider the outlook of the area. Are there new business developments? Or schools? Or revitalization of neighborhoods nearby that will increase value and your home’s appeal. Is it the right house for your lifestyle? Or your future lifestyle? Your family’s needs, a little foresight is necessary. Have a goal to buy a home? Let us help you plan, then execute the strategy – in the right location of course. Ask us how.