renting vs owning a home
In a previous article – which you can read here – we discussed how there are many misconceptions when it comes to home buying and lending that make many millennials hesitant to go through with the process.

“Many” equates to about 42% of millennials, or 30,000,000(!), that have yet to buy a home. That’s a huge portion of the US population that has yet to tap into the real estate market.

So how do we in the industry better get through to them? One of the ways is addressing the concerns they may have directly – whether or not they have any factual backing. Continue reading

Here’s what $250,000 can buy you in different markets across Ohio

It’s no surprise that different parts of the country have drastically different price points when it comes to housing. What may cost you $1 million in LA may only be valued at $150,000 in the Cleveland area.

But what about when you look at different counties in the same state? Ohio, for example, boasts some of the cheapest living in the country, with Youngstown perennially at the absolute bottom of the list in terms of median home sale price. Below, we listed out about what under $250,000 could fetch you here in different Ohio counties. How’s your area look?

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mortgage rates
Here’s a hypothetical for you:

Two individuals apply for the same type of loan at the exact same lender at the same time. Both loans are for the same amount, and the houses are very similar model homes right next to one another on the same street.

Before we go further, most would assume that the amount of money that both individuals would have to bring to closing would be virtually identical. Right?

In most cases, that’s actually incorrect… Continue reading

Imagine being able to sell your home without the uncertainty of listing the property or the worry of setting up for an open house. That’s the vision the emergence of iBuyers has painted in the market.

An iBuyer is a company that purchases homes directly from homeowners with cash while allowing the sellers much more flexibility than a traditional sale. The iBuyer eventually closes on the property and resells it themselves – for a slight profit – either after performing minor renovations on the property or without. Continue reading

As Christmas draws near, you’re likely already in full shopping mode – venturing out into the high-traffic stores or scrolling through countless pages on Amazon hoping to find the perfect presents. In 2019, this is certainly the norm, and usually those “perfect gifts” involve some sort of new gadget or tech.

It got us thinking… what were the “hot” toys in the past. Sure, nowadays an iPad or UHD VR 3D Ultra Super Mega 80” TV would suffice, but what about before all of that was a thing?

Well we did some digging into past decades, and here’s what we found! Continue reading

ibuyer home transaction
If history teaches us anything, it’s that when good ol’ American ingenuity leads to positive changes for consumers…those changes are, very often, here to stay. These changes, which consumers benefit in some way from, can come in different forms. Think of Walmart. That changed pricing and made many items more affordable to the public. It also affected the mom and pop stores in a negative way.   It’s not always about our pocketbooks though. Uber disrupted the taxi business by changing how convenient and professional that service could be. Both examples were game changers. How we view and utilize those two industries today is totally different than how we felt about them prior to those two companies’ creations. In real estate, the creation of iBuying has the potential to change that industry just as dramatically. Continue reading

instagram for Realtors
By this point, most REALTORS® know what Instagram is – you likely have a profile of your own, understand how it works, and have a general idea of which content will get you the most likes. Since it’s inception in 2010, users have had plenty of time to tinker with filters and experiment with their photography skills.

But while getting interaction on your photos is great, “likes” don’t equate to dollars. And in an industry like Real Estate where the phrase “time is money” can be taken literally, if you’re spending time on Instagram, the goal should be to generate business. Continue reading

Introducing our multi-part series discussing the various options available to homeowners looking to sell their homes

Over the course of history, things change. Sometimes for good, sometimes for the bad, and most times…well, they fall somewhere in between. One thing that’s as sure as death and taxes is, though, that things always – always change. With the continuing evolution of the internet, smartphones, easy-to-use apps, and such – Real Estate has changed much over the last 10-15 years. If you wish to sell your home, the choice is no longer simply whether to hire a traditional Realtor (who uses traditional selling techniques for a traditional fee) or go it on your own as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO). Now there are options. A plethora of them. Continue reading