suburban real estate
Katy, Texas – Home to a restored train depot, heritage museum and outlet mall. Nothing out of the ordinary; however, this quiet suburb, located 32 minutes from downtown Houston, has earned a newfound claim to fame. It’s gained more than 4,400 residents since February 2020 – the start of the pandemic – the most of any city or town in the U.S.

Katy is one of several Texas towns leading the country in population growth.

Meanwhile in New York City – The City That Never Sleeps – an estimated 110,000 people have fled the city in recent months, marking the largest drop off in residents of any one location in the country. That’s a 487 percent increase – or five times the rate – when compared to the number of residents who left Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2019. Continue reading

5 things sure to scare off homebuyers
‘Tis the season for ghosts and ghouls and all things that go bump in the night. While souls of the dead living in the attic will spook any home buyer, it may not be the scariest concern that’ll have buyers frightened and running for the hills.

The weather is cooling, but the real estate market is in summer mode – home sales are hot with houses being snatched up in record time. With so much enthusiasm right now, homeowners may feel a rush to act and have their property listed without considering important housing factors that can easily make or break a sale. Continue reading

condominium vs house
The predictions were dire at the start of the pandemic. Instead, historically low interest rates and a faster-than-expected economic recovery have contributed to an unprecedented real estate market. New home sales are at their highest levels in almost 14 years, with a seasonally adjusted 1.011 million units sold in August 2020 according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

On the flip side, stay-at-home orders in the spring coupled with an already tight housing inventory resulted in an increase in home prices. In June 2020, the national median home price rose 2.8 percent from year-over-year (YOY) to a record-breaking $311,300. Subsequently, condominiums are making a comeback and have emerged as the likely alternative for home shoppers looking to escape apartment life, as inventory is high and costs are lower.

So, as an agent, when your client inquires about either purchasing a house or condo, do you know how to respond? We want to help you inform your clients so they can make an informed decision that’s best for them and their future. Here’s some key talking points when it comes to helping your clients decide on purchasing a house or condo. Continue reading

kitchen appliances
So, you have a client inquiring about their kitchen appliances before having their house listed for sale. Should they invest in all-new appliances? Do they have to include their appliances in the sale? Is this even a good time to purchase a new refrigerator? These are all important questions that every home seller should ask and know; they’ll be looking to you for answers and clarification to make the best decision for their home.

This guide will help you help your clients decide what to do with their kitchen appliances and if an upgrade is worth the investment. Continue reading

How to get home renovation loan
New data out regarding the state of home flipping in the U.S. shows great potential ROI, especially in portions of Ohio.

Home flipping rates are at a 14-year high, with the Mahoning Valley listed as one of the country’s best housing markets for home flippers. That’s according to the latest house flipping report from ATTOM Data Solutions. Out of 151 metropolitan statistical areas analyzed, Youngstown, Ohio ranked fourth in the U.S. with a 92 percent increase in profit margins for single-family homes and condominiums flipped and sold in Q2 of 2020. Continue reading

winter home renovation
Ohio winters can be brutal; from snow and ice to bone-chilling temperatures – and let’s not forget about the round-the-clock darkness. December through March (or even April and May) can feel like a one-way ticket to Siberia.

When it comes to the lake effect snow machine in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, no Ohioan is immune from the harsh conditions brought forth by Mother Nature. For us humans, we have shelter to escape winter’s fury; unfortunately, our homes don’t have that same luxury.

Houses all across the Buckeye State, regardless of structure or building material, are vulnerable to these winter conditions, wreaking havoc and potentially causing serious damage that comes with a hefty price tag. Couple that with the fact that nearly 90% of the homes in northeast Ohio were built prior to 1990 (which was 30 years ago, by the way) and you have many homes that are going to need a little TLC.

Ohioans are all too familiar with this and the hesitations that come with it. Continue reading

interest rates calculator
There’s been a lot of talk about interest rates over the last few months and both current homeowners and prospective home shoppers are taking advantage of the moment by refinancing or making a buying decision.

However, it’s important to remember that interest rates will fluctuate for individuals based on a number of factors. Knowing which variables impact a mortgage interest rate can help a homebuyer better prepare for the process. Continue reading

Realtor Marketing to Gen Z
Don’t look now, but Generation Z – better known as Gen Z – is quickly approaching the homebuying age. This open-minded, “always on” mobile-first generation, born between 1996-2010, are becoming bigger decision-makers by the minute, as more young adults graduate college and enter the job market. As a real estate professional, you can do your part right now to make new connections and cultivate relationships with Gen Z, because when the time comes, they’ll be seeking your expertise and guidance of purchasing their first home. Continue reading

Open floor plan, stunning views, state-of-the-art fitness center, tanning beds, complimentary coffee bar – these are accommodations you come to expect from a luxurious city apartment or uniquely stylish boutique hotel. These aforementioned amenities cater to the future leaders, movers and shakers; they are better known as college students. Continue reading