If your clients don’t thrive on the competition of a bidding war, or enjoy paying thousands over budget, then the current real estate market probably has them in fits. 

Lucky for them, they have you in their corner. You’re the voice of reason. You’re their advocate. You’re the one who’s going to help provide creative solutions that will get them into a home they love.   Continue reading

Sometimes, even significant changes to federal policies or standards don’t affect most people’s everyday lives. Sometimes, the effects trickle down slowly over time. Then, there are interest rate hikes, which are typically felt quickly in ways that directly impact consumers.

Last week, the Federal Reserve raised its target federal funds interest rate by a quarter percentage point (.25) from near zero. This was the first increase in the benchmark rate in three years. And all indications are that it’s just the beginning. Continue reading

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not, your clients will need a little bit of luck to get the home they really want. That’s especially true if they find themselves in the middle of a bidding war. 

Many market experts had predicted that home prices would decelerate this year, and home inventory would increase, making it at least a little easier for your clients to find and afford a home in 2022.  Continue reading

Refinancing a home can have some pretty nice benefits for homeowners, especially when it comes to lowering their monthly payments. Depending on how much of a rate drop they can get, it’s not unreasonable for them to cut their home payment by several hundred dollars a month. That’s big. 

If your prospects have been putting off buying a new home and considering a refinance instead, their window of opportunity seems to be closing quickly. That means it’s time for you to nudge them about exploring all their options – like buying a home from you.  Continue reading

Paying an arm for groceries and a leg for gasoline has many people feeling like their financial security is falling apart. Add in rising costs for other things like cars, travel expenses, electronics, and a morning latte, and this rising inflation is really starting to step on everyone’s toes. 

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Now’s the time to contact clients who have been considering buying a home and give them a little nudge.  

For the third straight week, home mortgage rates increased for all loan types. The rates have now reached their highest point since March 2020. 

Rates for 30-year mortgages had plunged to a record low a little more than a year ago. Affordable loans have sparked a housing rally that’s still running hot even as home prices continue to soar.  Continue reading

What if you could give yourself a raise next year? 

2021 was a banner year to say the least. Home prices soared, and demand was at an all-time high. Hopefully, you rode that wave to a new career high as well. So, how can you possibly plan to have an even bigger year in 2022?  

This blog will highlight a few key things you should think about or develop plans for now (right now) so that when the new year begins, you’ll hit the ground running toward a higher income than ever.  Continue reading

As we head into the fourth quarter of 2021, the peak home buying season is wrapping up, and most of the bidding wars have subsided. No, that doesn’t mean you can take the next three months off, unless you don’t need a paycheck.

But it might signal the green light for your clients who were waiting to buy until demand decreased, prices became a little more reasonable, or their credit score improved. Bidding wars and the frustration and roller coaster of emotions that come with them aren’t for every house hunter. Continue reading