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Most would agree that buying or selling a home can be one of the most stressful projects to take on, even for the most masterful multitasker. Now, imagine trying to do both at the same time..on top of a full-time job, time with the family, eating, and (hopefully) sleeping. For many home sellers, it’s the most anxiety-inducing part of the entire home-selling process. In fact, according to a recent survey by Lending Tree, it’s the top stressor for nearly a third of home sellers today.

Another 16% of sellers report that costly repairs and upgrades are the most stressful part of selling a home, while 15% stress most about failing to sell their home at all.

As an agent, you are used to dealing with this type of seller stress. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help guide your clients through the process and relieve their anxiety. Continue reading

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Timing is everything, especially in sales. And now is the best time to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities out there for homeowners looking to sell. The problem lies in convincing nervous clients of that. The pandemic has, for the most part, caused many homeowners to be afraid to make a “move” of any kind. In fact, many are simply content with being patient in the market, dating back to April. And who could blame them?

As an agent, you are used to wearing many hats… sometimes builder… sometimes banker. Now you need to think like an educator. You need to share your knowledge of the market, the financial merits of selling at the right time, and the rewards of getting the deal of a lifetime. Continue reading

With limited homes on the market and changing priorities, many younger homebuyers have begun to rethink their “must-haves” in the home search. They are now more open to purchasing dated homes that need renovating.

This opens up a great opportunity for agents to target them with homes that they may not have considered before. Those looking to move quickly may now be more willing to make greater compromises in their preferences than they were just a few months ago. Continue reading

Over the past several years, technology has played a major role in the real estate market, with tools designed to streamline the entire selling process. The recent pandemic has brought technology to the forefront as real estate professionals across the nation were tasked with finding a new way of doing business. But, what started as a temporary solution has now become the new normal. Continue reading

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The “dream home” is different for every home buyer. For some, it’s a beach front property with a captivating view of the ocean. For others, it’s a trendy brownstone within walking distance of nearby shops and restaurants. Though their lists of preferences may vary, all home buyers have one thing in common – they are emotionally invested in their quest to find the home of their dreams. Continue reading

real estate bidding wars
Summer has arrived, and the temperature is not the only thing on the rise.  The bidding wars between home buyers that began in the Spring are predicted to heat up substantially throughout the next few months. Fanning the flame is a significant housing shortage brought on, in part, by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to realtor.com, new listings were down 29% annually for the week ending May 9th creating a supply and demand conflict for home buyers across the nation. Continue reading