While we appreciate one’s DIY initiative, finding a real estate agent is many times the first step in the home-buying process. And we’re not just saying that because we work with agents daily.

Any buyer who even contemplates going it alone does not fully appreciate the sheer amount of work that entails. Whether it’s lining up inspections, determining fair market value, negotiating with the other agent, or just navigating the mountains of paperwork, agents handle a great deal. And they do it every day.

That right there should be reason enough to work with a realtor. Whether it’s a sale or a buy, the average person will do that once, twice, or maybe three times in his or her adult life. Agents do this stuff more than that every week.

Imagine if you played basketball a grand total of thrice your entire life. Now, someone is telling you that you have to D up LeBron James. Forget it, Cherokee Parks, it just isn’t happening. (All apologies to Mr. Parks. We’re sure he’s a good chap.)

So, aside from their years of experience, why do you really need a real estate agent when it comes to buying a home? Well, in addition to ensuring you have every bit of information you need to comfortably buy the right home that meets your needs, not to mention learning of listings before they are made public, agents can:

  • Provide sales data from MLS based on map searches.
  • Research and provide property profiles that include sales history, property data, demographics and neighborhood services.
  • Obtain all of the home’s historical documents.
  • Run reports on the listing agent’s list-price to sales-price ratios.
  • Calculate annual facts and trends about the neighborhood and community.
  • Suggest pricing strategies.
  • Help prepare the best possible offer based on market demand, agent networking, and the buyer’s needs.
  • Review documents for loopholes and obtain disclosures.
  • Create a buffer between the buyer and the seller’s agent.

Plus, Realtors are there after closing to answer any questions buyers and sellers have about any unforeseen complications that may arise. From start to finish and after, your real estate agent is just one phone call away to answer your questions and put your mind at ease so you can focus on moving into your new home.