Renovation Loans

Key Takeaways

  • Think creatively: don’t worry about what a listing ‘should’ look like
  • Identify the key advantage of renovating this house, then turn it into an attention-grabbing headline
  • Write an opening statement that gets to the point – a sentence or two should do it
  • Sell emotion with your copy – describe the ‘home’, not just the ‘house’
  • Accentuate the positives and focus on the potential
  • Create urgency with a closing call-to-action

How are renovation listings different?

Listings for homes with perfect foundations, new roofs, gorgeous gardens and all the modern amenities practically write themselves. So, how do you spin sweet poetry about a property that needs some TLC?

The first step is to ditch any preconceived notion you may have about what a property listing should look like. Lately, it seems like most listings are just a quick paragraph listing the property’s features. Yet, if your property is ripe for a renovation mortgage, describing features like, “Roof needs replaced, windows are drafty, paint chipped throughout, and hole in the bathroom floor,” won’t whet anybody’s appetite.

With an attention-grabbing headline and the right descriptive copy, your listing will attract the right audience and will clearly communicate why this property is worth the time and investment to renovate.

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Summer Home Buying Season
Warmer weather is back in the forecast, and a rebound in mortgage applications for home purchases may not be far off as well.

That’s according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, which reported a 9% increase in purchase applications last week – the sixth consecutive weekly increase – representing an increase of more than 54% since the beginning of April. Continue reading

real estate popcorn
“A-B-C Always Be Closing”

It’s raw. It’s intuitive. And it’s one of the most memorable movie scenes of all time. Even if you haven’t sat and watched Glengarry Glen Ross in its entirety, at one point or another, you’ve seen Blake, a salesman from downtown, berate and belittle three real estate salesmen for their lack of selling land parcels in an epic tirade. Alec Baldwin rips these poor guys to shreds, questioning everything about themselves, from their sales ability, or lack of, to their manhood. Continue reading

One of the best ways to put a cramp in your summertime fun is to hold off on fixing small issues and letting them grow into big problems. And with the summer months bringing heavy downpours and thunderstorms along with plenty of sunshine, those long-neglected gutters could mean a lack of defense against wet basements and crawlspaces. Continue reading

sellers being patient when selling home
Buyers looking to snag a price cut on their next home during this time may have to look elsewhere.

Amidst the current pandemic we are in, seller confidence does not appear to have wavered. In fact, a recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS® found that in nearly 3 of 4, or about 74% of REALTORS® currently working with sellers, clients haven’t reduced listing prices in an effort to “panic sell.” Continue reading

Superhero Mortgage Lender
When it comes to lenders, who’s your superhero? Who is the guy or gal that you may not necessarily use the majority of the time, but is the one you rely on and call when your client needs someone to get the deal closed? That lender who can approve buyers that have less than spectacular credit, just changed jobs, or just got through a divorce, major medical issue, are buying a home in poor condition, etc. The one you turn to when a deal needs saved 30 days in, after the buyer’s original lender suddenly claims that they cannot close the deal. So… think about it… who’s THAT person? Continue reading