Mowing the grass for an elderly couple next door. Hosting a neighborhood cookout. Offering someone vegetables from your garden. 

Being a good neighbor is something everyone should focus on. Not only is it just a nice thing to do, but some benefits could come your way as a result of your kindness. 

According to the® Good Neighbor Report results, 77 percent of respondents said they had a good neighbor, while only 7 percent said they did not. Those are encouraging results for everyone. 

As a REALTOR® whose job is to build strong business (and personal) relationships with people – your neighbors, the business community, and potential clients – it’s essential to maintain a neighborly vibe with anyone you meet. This can especially pay off down the road by landing you some potential new clients and referrals. 

Here are some simple but impactful actions you can take to be a good neighbor in your community. You can pass along this wisdom to your clients, too, so they can also keep the peace and make their neighborhoods the envy of the community.

Support community causes 

Most communities include local charities or civic organizations whose goal is to initiate projects that improve the town’s look or improve the quality of life for all residents. These projects might include fundraisers for park improvements, tree planting efforts, clothes or school supply drives, or other community causes. 

As a business leader, these activities provide an excellent opportunity to show your neighbors you value living in their community and demonstrate your leadership role. Participate in as many positive community causes and activities as you can to remain visible and relevant among your neighbors. 

Be the Welcome Wagon 

When new families move to your neighborhood, they like to feel welcome. That sounds like a job for you! Consider being a one-person welcome wagon by taking it upon yourself to make sure the new kids on the block get a great first impression of the neighborhood. 

Take the lead on a neighborhood house-warming event, block party, or other activity that builds neighborly camaraderie. Ask neighbors to contribute for the new family. Put together some type of resource that helps them get to know the community a little better – a list of stores, recreation spots, restaurants, etc.  

Organize a neighborhood clean-up day  

Taking pride in how your neighborhood looks is something you – and all your neighbors – should think about. No one wants to live in an environment where the grass is overgrown, homes are falling down, or trash lines the streets.  

As a good neighbor, initiate a neighborhood clean-up day where everyone pitches in to pick up litter, trim bushes, plant trees or help others with landscaping or needed yard work. In addition to making things look nice, it’s a good neighborhood bonding experience.  

Share your real estate expertise only when appropriate 

We get it – you’re a real estate agent. Some of your neighbors may know the career you’ve chosen, but others may not. It’s OK to let them know what you do for a living, but don’t make it overkill.  

You don’t want to be an annoying neighbor who always tries to “sell themselves” to everyone they meet or push them to be a client. Only bring up that you’re a real estate agent when there is a natural opportunity during a conversation. Maybe it’s just once – give them your card and let them know you’re happy to assist if they need an agent to help with selling or buying in the future. Leave it at that.  

Following these tips will help you be a great neighbor who can be trusted, admired, and respected. That’s a good thing, both personally and professionally.


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