Close to the grocery store. Walking distance from the park. Near grandma and grandpa. Short commute to work. 

There are many considerations your clients sift through when deciding where to look for their next home. All of the ones above are pretty common and important. But there is one factor that can sometimes be a deal-breaker for parents – the school district. 

According to, 60% of homebuyers say schools affect their decision and 50% are willing to spend over their budget to live in one of their preferred school districts. 

While schools are important to your clients, you should take a lesson from them by learning some new ways to market yourself. Getting involved in local schools is a great way to support the community while making a name for yourself as the local real estate expert. 

As the new school year begins, here are some ways you can capitalize on the back-to-school excitement and stay top-of-mind with families throughout the community.  

Host free classes 

Put on your best teaching clothes, get your lesson plan ready and start educating families about the home buying and selling process. 

Many of your prospects may not know much about how the process works, what they need to get started, or how much money or time is involved. Fear of the unknown can be a deciding factor in buying or selling a home or staying put.

You can help alleviate these hesitations by offering a free class to teach them the basics. Potential class topics could include: 

  • home buying 
  • home selling 
  • home decorating 
  • home remodeling 
  • front and backyard landscaping 
  • home financing and home equity loans 
  • new construction vs. resale 

To make sure the class is a resource, attendees can refer to when needed, record audio on a PowerPoint presentation, and save it as an MP4 file. You can upload your presentation to YouTube to share with prospective buyers and sellers. 

Sponsor a school PTA meeting 

Parent-Teacher Association meetings are commonly held at the beginning of the new school year. Even though you’re not necessarily a parent or a teacher, there may still be ways to get involved. 

Inquire about sponsoring one of these meetings by providing food or refreshments. It’s a smart way to show you care about the school’s success and allows you to get to know key people who may need your services later. 

Remember: The better schools in your community are, the better the housing market will consistently be. And, that’s a win for you.  

Back-to-school bake sale 

Raising money for schools is an easy way to get recognized and appreciated. Of course, your primary motivation is to give back to the community. But the side benefits you’d receive would be helpful to your career. 

Before organizing a fundraiser, you should clear it with the school. Explain what you want to, request use of space if necessary, and make sure they know you’re not doing the event for personal profit – all proceeds go to the school for general or specific purposes.  

Sponsor a “feed the team” event 

School teams can work up an appetite. Whether it’s the football team, marching band, speech and debate squad, or student-led community service group, kids need to eat!  

It’s common for community organizations, businesses, or even individuals to sponsor a team meal or provide food for school or youth groups. This would be a worthwhile endeavor for you and/or your brokerage to participate in.  

Back-to-school time is an exciting time for parents, schools, and the whole community. And it can be a significant time for you if you take the time to engage in some unique and strategic marketing tactics. These ideas will get you started, but do some additional research to see what other ideas come to mind this fall. 


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