Buyers vs. sellers: Who’s winning?

The real estate industry can be challenging. Real estate agents are competing against each other to sell as many homes as possible. Lenders are battling for mortgage loan customers. And home buyers are bidding against each other to land their dream home while simultaneously negotiating with the seller to pay as little as possible. Continue reading

Competition in the real estate industry is getting more challenging every day. And the pressure you feel to buy and sell as many homes as you can – as fast as you can – is overwhelming at times. That’s especially true when home demand is down, and you’re forced to turn on the charm of a salesperson.

To be successful – and boost your paycheck – there are certain things you need to do. Like research the communities where you sell homes. Network with key business leaders. Become active in the community.

Above all else, you should always seek ways to stand out amongst the crowd of real estate agents you’re competing against. Here are a few ideas to help you become the go-to agent for home buyers and sellers. Continue reading

Amerifirst Home Mortgage corporate has named the Amerifirst Poland Team as a recipient of its prestigious Commitment to Excellence Award. The Poland location is one of just four Amerifirst branches nationwide to earn the distinction.

“Our team has been working tirelessly to help our clients realize the dream of homeownership during these challenging times,” said Matt Moore, Amerifirst Poland branch manager. “We’re honored to have our efforts and successes recognized by corporate leadership. We’ll continue to seize the opportunities that come with change and challenge in this tough business environment.”

Amerifirst Poland earned recognition because of its commitment to the organization’s core business values: Honesty and Integrity, Work-Life Balance, Lasting Relationships, Professional Development, Agility in a Changing World, and Fairness and Respect.

Many of your clients may assume that investing in real estate is something only the affluent and market savvy can do. Especially in the current market, skyrocketing residential and commercial property values may scare away potential buyers. 

The fact is that almost anyone – including your clients – has the opportunity to invest in real estate. Whether they invest in real estate directly or indirectly, they can enjoy the healthy returns they receive on their investment.  Continue reading

Homes prices make buying unaffordable. Interest rates rising sharply. Demand outpaces availability. 

If you’ve been paying attention – and even if you haven’t – you know these headlines have dominated real estate industry news outlets over the past couple of months.  Continue reading

As we enter what’s typically the busiest time of the year for home sales, being in the know about local market trends and conditions is vital to your success. Your clients are counting on you to have the information that will give them a competitive advantage in the market.

It’s not always easy to have your finger on the pulse of the real estate market across a large region. But there is merit in comparing key indicators and statistics to gain perspective and clarity on variables such as home values, sales volume, market trends, and year-to-year comparisons.  Continue reading

If your clients don’t thrive on the competition of a bidding war, or enjoy paying thousands over budget, then the current real estate market probably has them in fits. 

Lucky for them, they have you in their corner. You’re the voice of reason. You’re their advocate. You’re the one who’s going to help provide creative solutions that will get them into a home they love.   Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words – or thousands of dollars in the case of home listings.

More than ever, home buyers rely heavily on online research during their search. Whether they are shopping from out of town, prefer looking online rather than in person, or are trying to speed up the buying process, potential buyers are basing their opinions on the photos in your home listings. Continue reading