POLAND, Ohio (October 23, 2019) – In an effort to better serve its clients, AmeriFirst Home Mortgage in Poland has announced the hiring of Red Davis as its new Client Relations Manager.

“We are very excited to bring on a talent like Red, and are confident that his extensive background in hospitality and customer service will offer our clients an even better home buying experience overall,” said Brandon Davis, Branch Manager and Loan Originator for Amerifirst Home Mortgage.

Red’s career began in the hospitality industry in 2015 after one of his professors at Tale University recognized his knack for networking and sitting on command. His background in toy inventory management also played a key role in his transition to the mortgage world.

“Woof, woof, woof , ruff” (“Essentially, in my numerous career endeavors thus far, one element has remained abundantly clear: any enjoyable client experience begins with a strong first impression”), said Red.

As Client Relations Manager, Red’s responsibilities will include greeting guests at the door, leading them to the proper office, and howling to that song that’s continuously playing in his head. In such a detail-oriented role as this, a strong memory is vital, and “Red has that in spayeds,” said Matthew Heikkinen, Business Development Manager.

While not customary in many professional environments, Red went on to explain that a scratch under the chin or a soft treat are very much appreciated as gratuity for his services and for being such a “good boy.”

“Ruff, woof, woof, howl” (“It’s not leadership that accelerates a company’s growth; rather, it’s the customers, so it will be pivotal for me to ensure that each client that walks through that door has a smile on their face from start to finish”), proclaimed Red as he finished chewing the ear off of his favorite stuffed bunny toy.

When he’s not hard at work, Red can usually be found at the local park or eating a block of cheese from the fridge. He also has plans to finish his Paw Degree and is considering opening a local dog bar – Macaws & Paws – in the near future.

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