Packing and moving is certainly a tedious task. Being on the move can actually be much smoother and more efficient than you think. Just take the time to get organized beforehand and follow a few simple guidelines.

Here are a few simple tricks you can apply when packing and moving that can simplify your job:

1. The first step to sensible packing is to assemble all of the tools that you need. Start with boxes. Use uniformly sized boxes, which will nest or stack neatly together. Start with a small number of big boxes, double that number for medium sized boxes, (which can be stacked on top of the big boxes) and add a very large number of small boxes. Extra packaging tape and plastic heavy duty trash bags always seem to come in handy. Old blankets and newspapers create the perfect barrier to pad in between delicate items within a box or between boxes themselves. Don’t forget bottled water and snacks for essential breaks in the action!

2. Use technology to your advantage.  Some really thoughtful apps exist that help to create moving lists, research movers and much more.

3. Pack heavy items like books in small boxes since they tend to be heavy. Hurting your back is the last thing you need when on the move!

4. Label each box in detail. A simple label like “Toys” is not effective if you have several children. However, “Greg’s Closet: Old Toys” lets you know exactly what is in the box. Label the boxes with a black marker so it is easily identified.

5. Packing room by room is often the simplest way to move. By doing a room from start to finish, you can ensure that all of that room’s contents will be kept together.

6. After you have packed your entire house, focus on the moving truck. When loading it, place the box with the label facing the truck opening so you can see where it goes before you even pick it up.

7. Pack the truck so that boxes for the back rooms in the new house are the first to be taken off the truck. This prevents boxes from stacking up near the front of your new home, creating obstacles to the rest of the moving process.

8. Make sure you have a personal box that’s labeled appropriately, containing all of your essentials (medicines, toiletries, etc.). Keep this box in the cab of the truck or somewhere else you can easily access it. This way if unpacking is delayed, you still have your basic necessities covered.

9. Have your financial information handy and clearly labeled. The process of moving to a new home is daunting enough; you don’t need the added stress of missing bills, etc.

These may all sound simple, but if you use all of these tips they will most definitely add up and reward you with a smooth and efficient moving experience.