No matter how you say it, a simple thank you can go a long way in showing appreciation to someone. As we enter this season of Thanksgiving and gift-giving, it’s important that you go out of your way to show your clients that you appreciate them.

There are ways to accomplish this without spending your whole commission check or tons of time doing it. It’s the gesture and thought that will make a positive impact on your clients and help you maintain those relationships for years to come. And it may also remind your clients why they should be thankful for you, too.

Here are some creative and affordable ways to give thanks to your clients year-round:

Gift card to local eatery: Unless they’re already super familiar with the neighborhood, the new homeowners might need some time to learn the lay of the land. Where can they buy groceries? Where’s the closest hardware store, gas station, drug store and restaurants? When you give them the keys to their new home, include a gift card to the local coffee shop, pizza parlor or restaurant. They’ll appreciate the night out on the new town, compliments of the best real estate agent, ever. Perhaps, each time they eat there in the coming years, they’ll think of you.

Shout out on social media: A great way to thank your clients is to do it publicly on social media. During closing or before you part ways, ask them if they’ll pose for a photo in front of their new digs – chances are, they’ll oblige. Tell them you’ll send them the photo and ask if they mind if you share it on your social page. When you post it, make sure you include a nice ‘thank you’ message and tag them. It’s a way to show your appreciation and at the same time, let their friends and family know that you’re a REALTOR® – just in case they need one.

Send them fan mail: Keep those cards and letters coming. Even in the days of texting, emailing and messaging, most people still like receiving snail mail (unless it’s bills). Put your clients on your Christmas card list, or even send them a reasonably-priced Christmas ornament as a gift. You can also send them birthday and anniversary cards, Easter cards or just a random note commenting on how nice their flowers or garden looks. Not too many notes, though, so they don’t feel like they’re being watched.

Give them business referrals: Your clients have jobs just like you. Maybe they work in insurance or sales, an attorney or accountant, or they run a small business. Also like you, their success is dependent upon customers or clients. A nice way to thank them for choosing you as their agent is to refer people you know to their businesses. It helps them succeed and the chances are good that they will return the favor by referring you to those in their business circle.

Gift of membership: Make sure your client feels like they belong in their new surroundings by providing them with a free trial membership to the local fitness center, golf club, historical society, Rotary club or other popular organization. Not only will it be a way to thank your client, it will help them get know other families in their community.

Housewarming gift: You’ve helped them buy the house, now help them decorate it. Make it a tradition to give each new homebuyer a special housewarming gift. Maybe it’s a welcome mat customized with the family name. Or, personalized placemats for the dining room table. Perhaps a set of his and her coffee mugs. Whatever it is, try to make it something that will be seen or used often. That’s an under-the-radar way of keeping you top of mind with your clients. You never know when they might need a realtor again.

Showing your clients you’re thankful for them will make them feel appreciated and will remind them why they hired you to help them buy or sell their house. The thankfulness definitely goes both ways. After all, you are the expert and without your knowledge, experience and insight, your clients would have a tough time getting the job done.

Exactly why should your clients be thankful they have you? Here are just a few reasons.