backyard design style ideas

It’s nearly summer, and there’s no better time than the present to get outside and enjoy the season. Spending time outdoors has garnered a new sense of appreciation, as Americans emerge from their homes following quarantines and stay-at-home orders. We look forward to spending our days at the beach, on a restaurant patio or taking in the sights and sounds of a sporting event.

You can also get a healthy dose of vitamin D and enjoy the season without having to leave your house. For the first time, homeowners are taking a long, hard look at their properties and determining how to utilize every square inch of yard space. The challenge though is how to maximize what you have to work with while creating the ultimate outdoor setting. To help you get started, we’re sharing with you some of our favorite projects and design tricks to turn your space, whether that’s an intimate patio or several acres of land, into an outdoor retreat.

Showcase Your Green Thumb with Vertical Gardens

Short on space? Grow a garden that turns blank walls into living art and doesn’t take up too much room – think of it as seeing ivy on the side of a building. Simple boxes or panels can be hung from hooks with your favorite plants and vegetables. Not only do vertical gardens serve as a focal point and make any outdoor setting pop with color, but also give your home protection and insulation from temperature fluctuations, UV light and heavy rain.

Backyard Fencing

A fence is more than a security structure outlining your property – however, many may not realize its aesthetic potential and benefits to boosting a backyard. A fence compliments your home’s unique character and enhances the outdoor experience. Types of fences to consider for your next backyard project: country style, flower pot fence, post-and-rail, rustic, wagon wheel and beach house.

Designer Deck Floors

No one likes splinters. Contemplate upgrading your wood deck to stylish flooring that’s good on the feet. Porcelain and ceramic tile, concrete, brick and outdoor carpeting are just a few of the many opportunities to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor deck or patio. Plus, these flooring options allow you to extend your indoor design and color to the outside while being more resilient to the conditions presented by Mother Nature. 

Warm Up to a Backyard Fire Pit

Drinking a glass of wine, toasting marshmallows, cozying up in front of a warm, crackling fire – a fire pit can be the centerpiece of your backyard project. Built-in, in-ground, portable – there’s a fire pit for every outdoor space. Fire pits come in many options, including open concrete and steel. Pro tip: check local regulations or your homeowner’s association regarding fire pits before installing one in your backyard.

Illuminate Your Home’s Exterior with Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting boosts nighttime safety and illuminates backyard activities to keep the party going long after dusk. Today’s landscape lighting is adaptable and incorporates more design elements to accentuate those special features that make up an outdoor space, such as a pathway, porch, patio or deck. Consider motion-sensor lights for security, solar landscape lighting to showcase a brick path or string lights for seating areas.

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