Stop! Before you remodel your home, read this! You might end up doing more harm than good with a remodel, thus, hurting your chances of selling it. Not all updates are good updates to your home. Remodeling the kitchen might bring you a good return on your investment, but converting a patio into a den for extra living space probably won’t. Here are some updates that aren’t worth it. For ones that are, check out my post from earlier this month.


  1. Skip luxury and stick with mid-grade upgrades in the kitchen and bathroom. Unless you are in a high-end home, high-end upgrades won’t be appreciated by buyers and might even look out of place.
  2. Think twice before changing the layout of your house. Adding a second story to your home when it is on a street full of bungalows will not bring in buyers looking in that neighborhood. Additionally, turning your porch into a den might give you extra living space but if it takes away the view from your dining room, the value of that room might go down.
  3. If your home is newer, don’t worry about upgrades. By newer, I mean 5-10 years old.
  4. Don’t spend your entire budget on one room and leave the other rooms out. If you make one room spectacular, it might make the other rooms look more shabby. Try and stay equal and consistent throughout the home.
  5. Stay within the price range of your neighborhood. You won’t get a return on your investment if you upgrade your home to a value more than the average selling price in your area.