Buying a Home Sight Unseen
Buying a home ‘sight unseen’ isn’t a brand-new buyer approach. If you’ve sold to families relocating from across the country, foreign buyers, or investors, you may have been involved in transactions where your client buys based on a few photos and an attractive price. 

Back before the internet or easy access to multimedia resources, those types of sales were more challenging for both you as the agent and the buyer. But in the past decade, the ‘buying blind’ trend has become increasingly common.  

Sometimes, it’s out of necessity, like a long-distance move or lack of time to dedicate to the home search. However, some buyers just appreciate the opportunity to shop from a distance and rely on the digital home shopping experience. 

As a real estate agent, there are many things you can do to make the sight unseen homebuying process go smoothly and quickly for your clients. Since those clients often won’t get a first-hand, in-person look at the homes they are considering, you’ll be their eyes and ears during the house hunt.  

The more you can do to help them, the better your chances are of getting them into the right house – and earning your commission. Here are four things you can do to help your clients buy sight unseen:  Continue reading

Air Conditioning Unit in a House
It’s that time of year again—air conditioning season.  

According to Consumer Reports, more than 75 percent of U.S. homes use air conditioning, and 90 percent of new homes are equipped with central air. But believe it or not, there are still some homes using good ‘ole ceiling fans to cool the space. 

For your clients who fall in love with a home that doesn’t have central air or needs the current system upgraded, it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. You can let them know that they have options other than suffering through hot and humid summer days. 

Share these tips to help them make the best investment possible when choosing a central air system that will efficiently cool their home without running up their electric bill.  Continue reading