It’s that time of year again – New Year’s resolution time.

A recent study found that the top 5 most common resolutions in 2019 were:

  1. ‘exercise to get in shape’ (19.7%)
  2. ‘diet to lose weight’ (18.3%)
  3. ‘save money’ (14.8%)
  4. ‘eat healthier in general’ (11.9%)
  5. ‘something for self-care’ (5.5%)

Notice that four of the five involve doing something to improve yourself. Technically, “saving money” is improving yourself – and your bank account – too.

Do you typically make New Year’s resolutions? Or, do you think they are a waste of effort because they are impossible to achieve? Maybe you’ve made some in the past that were more focused on things that involve your personal life rather than your professional life: Give up soda. Limit screen time. Eat out less.

Whether you choose to set resolutions like these in 2021 for when you’re not on the job, you should consider setting some in your career as well. Goal setting is important to professional success. It helps you to remain focused and motivated, and makes you feel more confident when you achieve a goal. One of the keys to making resolutions is to not only make them realistic, but also challenging. Continue reading

Many different careers are portrayed by movie and TV characters – detectives, firefighters, doctors and nurses, lawyers, salesman, architects, engineers, and many others. While lead characters on the screen might not be real estate agents quite as many times as other careers, there are some out there.

And, they learn lots of lessons on the job, just like you do every day. While these lessons and experiences might be fictional on the screen, you might be able to relate to a few on some level. Here are clips from a few movies or TV shows that feature real estate agents. Can you relate to any of the situations? Continue reading

The pandemic has forced the business community and consumers to change the way they sell and buy goods and services, interact with clients and co-workers, pay their bills, order food and just about any other business transaction you can think of. And while some have struggled to adjust to this new style of interpersonal communications, some of the introverts in the house don’t mind quite as much.

But even some of the “people people” will agree that before the pandemic, having a digital connection as a consumer plays an important part in determining who they buy from, how they buy and what they buy. That’s true whether you’re talking about cars, household items, insurance, homes and many other things they purchase. Continue reading

In Part 1 of this blog series, we established that using videos to showcase the homes you’re selling, and your personal brand, shouldn’t just be an afterthought these days – it’s a must. Part 2 of this series will look into the types of videos you should consider producing to attract buyers’ attention by educating, informing, and entertaining them.

Real estate is a people business, so it’s important to make connections with potential clients, even before meeting them in person. If you can establish trust and make home buying and selling as easy as possible, you will rise to the top of the list when they choose an agent.

So, what types of video content are effective, inexpensive to produce, and interesting enough to attract attention? Here are a few: Continue reading

Pop quiz: How many videos did you watch on your computer, tablet, or phone today? One or two? Five or six? More than you can remember?

Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix, laughing your way through videos of people falling down or getting pranked, or connecting with family through video, you’re one of millions who are making video the king of online content. Continue reading