No matter how you say it, a simple thank you can go a long way in showing appreciation to someone. As we enter this season of Thanksgiving and gift-giving, it’s important that you go out of your way to show your clients that you appreciate them.

There are ways to accomplish this without spending your whole commission check or tons of time doing it. It’s the gesture and thought that will make a positive impact on your clients and help you maintain those relationships for years to come. And it may also remind your clients why they should be thankful for you, too.

Here are some creative and affordable ways to give thanks to your clients year-round: Continue reading

As the pandemic stretches on, the uncertainty and stress of family and business life continue to weigh heavily on many. For some, major life decisions like changing jobs, investing money, purchasing a car and buying a home were put on the back burner in 2020 in hopes that the normalcy of life would return next year.

So with all of that to consider, is next year a good one to dive into the home-buying market? The answer will be different for everyone. Here are some factors to consider: Continue reading

Brandon talks about how USDA Renovation Loans can help buyers not only buy a home with potentially no down payment, but also renovate the house in the process. Especially in Columbiana County, most of Trumbull County, and just about the majority of Ohio and Central Pennsylvania.

*Not all borrowers will qualify. Contact us for more information on fees and terms.

realtor testimonials
“Courtney did a great job helping us sell our house. She was in constant communication with us throughout the entire process and we sold our house for more than our original asking price. She’s the best!”

“Our family needed to relocate quickly when my husband’s job transferred him. Luckily, after reading reviews online, we found James at XYZ Realty! He helped expedite the buying process so we could get settled a few days before my husband started his new position. We’d recommend James to anyone looking to buy a home.”

Perhaps just as important as the commission check you get every time you sell a home, is the feedback you receive from your clients. While the check will help pay next month’s bills, positive feedback like Courtney and James (they aren’t real people) received is invaluable and key to helping you build your reputation as THE real estate agent to call when it’s time to buy or sell a house. Continue reading

VA Home Loan
2020 has been one for the record books in regards to home sales and mortgage originations. For Veterans and active military personnel, the year is unprecedented – with 1.2 million home loans tallying $363 billion in homeownership opportunities – guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The figure represents the most home loans ever assured in a single year by the government entity. Continue reading

Brandon discusses the importance of understanding a buyer’s cost factor in the home buying process. This number can be used by home buyers to gain a better understanding of what their mortgage payment will be, which in turn can help to increase confidence when deciding to buy a home.

*Not all borrowers will qualify. Contact us for more information on fees and terms.

Almost anyone working in sales, whether it’s insurance, telemarketing or any other product or service, would probably agree that cold calling is the worst! It’s not fun or efficient making 100 calls or knocking on 100 doors a day trying to convince people who don’t know you to buy something they may or may not need. Sadly, sometimes the measure of a successful call is if you can get past “Hello, I’m Mike calling from XYZ Company …” before they hang up the phone or slam the door.

One of the main reasons cold calling isn’t a very effective way to score a sale is because the leads are “cold.” That means they haven’t warmed up to you enough to actually listen to what you have to say. You’re a stranger. There is no prior relationship or connection you can leverage to capture even a little bit of their attention.

When it comes to selling houses, leads, preferably “warm” ones, are your lifeline. Without a healthy and promising pipeline of potential buyers and sellers, you might as well be trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Continue reading