Realtor Retargeting
We’ve all had it happen to us before… You’re browsing for a new pair of shoes online and decide you don’t feel like buying them in that exact moment. So, you go back to work and forget all about it. 

Then you get home, hop on the couch, and log in to Facebook for a little bit. You’re scrolling through your News Feed and suddenly you see an ad with that exact pair of shoes! The ad stands out like a sore thumb, because you immediately recall that you had been searching for them earlier in the day. 

But how do they know? Are they listening through your device? Is this some kind of Big Brother thing? 

Luckily, no… 

This is actually a very common tactic used in the marketing world. It’s called retargetingand it’s something that all Realtors should be using.  Continue reading

navigating mortgage lending environment
With rates changing by the week, day, and most recently by the hour (!), Realtors, home buyers, and homeowners alike are likely scrambling to get the best deal and situation in place. These are certainly unprecedented times, and it’s very important for everyone involved in the process to be prepared and educated on the best course of action to navigate these waters most effectively. 

Here are a few tips that Realtors need to keep in mind: Continue reading

stand out in real estate
1.3 million – that’s how many real estate agents there are currently in the United States – a number that’s growing exponentially each year. And we know no two Realtors are the same. Each brings to the table their own level of experience, track record, and sales tactics.

For home shoppers, this is fantastic. More options mean a greater probability to truly find their dream house without turning the process into a nightmare. As a Realtor, however, this means competition is fierce in all markets, so you really need to make yourself stand out  Continue reading

Mortgage Rates All Time Low

Updated March 12, 2020:

Mortgage applications have reached their highest level since 2009, following the record drop in rates last week.

Many homebuyers and homeowners have rushed to take advantage of these historic rates.

Refinances led the majority of this action, making up nearly 77% of total applications nationwide and representing a 66.2% increase from just a week ago, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Mortgage rates in the US have fallen to an all time low, opening up significant potential for buyers, homeowners, and Realtors® to act now.

Rates tumbled over the past week to 3.29% – the lowest point on record, according to Freddie Mac, which has tracked rates since 1971.

For comparison, at this point last year, rates on 30-year mortgages were at 4.41% roughly 34% higher than they are today. Continue reading