Difficult real estate clients
We have discussed in the past a need for balance in the real estate industry. Agents are human, like everyone else, and need to be conscious of the energy and time they are putting toward their work – as well as the hundred other things that need attention throughout a given day.

We’ve also talked about focusing on the paths that will generate the most money and grow your career.

That being said, we now want to discuss something that most agents experience in their careers at some point, but that no one really likes to talk about… when is it time to just let a difficult client walk? Continue reading

real estate communication
Communicating the home buying process to clients in a way that is easily understandable – especially if this is their first time – can be difficult… trust us, we deal with it as well.

“FHA,” “comps,” “under contract”

Words and phrases like these are so familiar to us that we often forget it’s because we deal with them daily.

For a first-time homebuyer, you may as well be speaking a different language. That can lead to real problems, such as a less-confident buyer that is hesitant to move forward because they don’t fully understand the process. The longer it takes for them to feel ready to buy, the longer it takes for you to make your money, that is, if they even go through with the deal at all. Continue reading

renting vs owning a home
In a previous article – which you can read here – we discussed how there are many misconceptions when it comes to home buying and lending that make many millennials hesitant to go through with the process.

“Many” equates to about 42% of millennials, or 30,000,000(!), that have yet to buy a home. That’s a huge portion of the US population that has yet to tap into the real estate market.

So how do we in the industry better get through to them? One of the ways is addressing the concerns they may have directly – whether or not they have any factual backing. Continue reading

Bob Gratz 2
Bob Gratz
NMLS #1483055

YOUNGSTOWN, OH — Amerifirst Home Mortgage Poland’s own Bob Gratz was recently recognized as an honoree at the 25 Under 35 event at Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown, Ohio.

The event, which is hosted by Mahoning Valley Young Professionals (MVYP), a group Gratz holds a board seat on, honors members of the community that have proven outstanding dedication to their profession as well as recognizing their involvement in volunteer work around the Mahoning Valley. Continue reading

Here’s what $250,000 can buy you in different markets across Ohio

It’s no surprise that different parts of the country have drastically different price points when it comes to housing. What may cost you $1 million in LA may only be valued at $150,000 in the Cleveland area.

But what about when you look at different counties in the same state? Ohio, for example, boasts some of the cheapest living in the country, with Youngstown perennially at the absolute bottom of the list in terms of median home sale price. Below, we listed out about what under $250,000 could fetch you here in different Ohio counties. How’s your area look?

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