Realtor Cup of Coffee
Realtor Cup of Coffee

When a Cup of Coffee Cost $166

The following story is true.  I feel like I must provide you with this disclaimer, now, before we go any further.  If one waited and stated this rather simple sentence at the end of this story – few would believe it.  So… hand to God, cross my heart and hope to die, pinkie swear, and however else you’d like me to attest to you in the affirmative – it is true.  Better yet… the author is telling this story firsthand.  Yes, I was there and I experienced parts of it.  And, yes, I thought it was ridiculous even at that time.  Now that I got that off my chest…here…we…go… Continue reading

Owning a home vs renting
Today’s Millennial generation is, in many aspects, similar to all the generations of Americans who came before them.  After high school, it’s either on to some form of higher education or into the workforce.  Eventually, by their early 20’s the great majority of Millennials are ready to “leave the nest” and find a new place to call home of their own.  Statistically, the great majority of those places have been rentals.  Why? One may ask.  A lot has to do with perception.  Specifically, HOW Millennials view renting vs. buying/owning a home. Continue reading

reds renovations
Red’s career began in the hospitality industry in 2015 after one of his professors at Tale University recognized his knack for networking and sitting on command. Hired on as our Client Relations Manager in 2019, Red is responsible for greeting guests at the door and howling to that song that’s continuously playing in his head. He also has many duties that take him out of the office. Continue reading

moving day

For much of the last couple decades, a homeowner could be expected to start looking for another home, on average, around the 4-6 year mark. The reason for that being a life change such as a new job, growth in family size, or time for downsizing. Real estate agents could then count on repeat business more consistently and frequently.

In fact, between 2000 and 2007, the average homeownership tenure was just 4.21 years.

Recently, however, that short tenure is no longer reliable. Homeowners are staying put for much longer – now between 7 and 13 years.

So what has changed?  A couple things are factoring into this: Continue reading