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Mortgages are likely the largest debt a person will ever have. And with mortgage money typically being the cheapest type of debt, paying more money to the largest debt and the cheapest debt, is not the most economical approach for money management. It’s much smarter to pay off consumer debt carrying higher payments and higher interest costs than it is to spend more money on your mortgage loan. Also, when you pay off your home, you will lose your mortgage tax deduction that most folks get, and you will also still have monthly obligations consisting of property taxes and homeowners insurance. So paying less on your mortgage allows folks to save additional money for essentially rainy day funds, emergency reserves and avoid more expensive debt like consumer debt. Get educated about mortgage money management. Ask us how.

end of winter checklist photoLocal weather forecasts keep teasing us with milder days, which can only mean one thing — spring isn’t too far away!

But before you celebrate by packing away the sweaters and dusting off the lawn furniture, remember…we live in northeast Ohio. Besides, we still have February to get through. So, climb out of that saddle, cowboy. It ain’t over yet.

Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to keep busy during the last month or so of winter that will give you a leg up on your spring cleaning. Here’s a checklist of things to do that don’t require going outside in the cold. Continue reading

In real estate, cash, believe it or not, is not always king. Informed sellers are interested in the bottom line; more money talks. So getting pre-approved shows the seller that you are ready to present an approved offer and a buyer simply needs an address to associate with that pre-approved loan. Be strategic and execute your strategy by developing a game plan for making offers. Working with your realtor allows you to shorten the loan process when your offer is accepted. Confidence in your strategy promotes fewer, if any buyer contingencies when presenting your offer. Also, sometimes a letter to the seller appeals to their personal side. Be confident and learn how your loans help. Ask us how.